Canonfall is a game / framework that takes any work of literature / text file, analyzes the parts of speech, and tags every word, then launches it into gameplay. I use a client/server architecture to do NLP and then pipe it into the game. I'm intending this to be both educational and fun. Right now I'm happy with the server, but I'm refactoring the client. Here's an early gif of gameplay.

canonfall development build gameplay screenshot


Dogue is a twin-stick, rogue-lite, where you play a character who gathers coins and a dog who can attack and dash. This game is currently in a playable demo state. I'm debating whether I should make this a full game. You need a controller. Play the WebGL build.


Initially, this was just an attempt to make a really simple drum machine. Then I added a really hard to understand and harder to play game mode. If you click puzzle it will play the sequence you're supposed to match up on the sequencer. That number isn't exactly tempo, but if you move it up or down it changes the speed of the sequencer. Play around with it here.